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The 2018 Quad took a dramatic twist and became our most wave orientated Quad ever. For 2019 our development path for this purebred wave sail saw the Quad go from strength to strength.

Shorter luff, longer boom, lower clew – these are the main features of the new Quad.

Each sail size, according to their wind range, has seen individual attention in the development stages – the smaller the sail, the greater the changes.

With an even slimmer outline in the top, the sail has become much more compact. This has pushed the centre of effort further down, massively improving control whilst jumping, wave riding and throughout all moves.

Lengthen the boom whilst shortening the luff has allowed us to bring about a huge improvement to control, improving handling whatever the weather.

The lower clew position has helped to increase sail area above the boom, which in turn reinforces sail twist when the gusts hit, resulting in an uncompromising wind range with only one trim.

Additionally the revised batten lay-up offers yet more stability and compliments the already outstanding control of the 2019 Quad.

A powerhouse both in jumping and riding, yet perfectly balanced on-off performance for smooth cutbacks and fluid movements.

The new Quad offers everything the wave-sailors heart desires.

Wave from side to onshore

Color combinations:
1. white / orang
2. yellow / cyan

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3,0 322 141 340/370* 15/17 CC 4 Vario
3,3 332 144 340/370* 15/17 CC 4 Vario
3,6 346 150 340/370* 15/17 CC 4 Vario
4,0 368 155 340/370* 15/17 CC 4 Vario
4,4 384 161 370 17 CC 4 Fix
4,6 396 164 370 17 CC 4 Fix
4,8 404 166 370/400 17/19 CC 4 Fix
5,0 412 168 400 19 CC 4 Fix
5,2 424 169 400 19 CC 4 Fix
5,6 434 178 400 19 CC 4 Fix


Minimum Mast Concept One mast can be used for a large variety of sails.
Use of light and durable 4mil X-Ply sailcloth in sailtop. 4mil X-Ply is a laminate made from x-ply and cloth providing maximum durability by minimum weight.
Almost all panels are made with X-ply. Reduced weight combined with extreme durability.
Reinforcements in the top, luff and clew. Wrinkle protection with the best durability and minimal weight.
Window panels made from thicker monofilm Best look thru, minimal stretch, increases pressure point stability
Continuous luff made with 4mil X-Ply No Stretching in the luff, consistent pressure point, maintains shape for years.
Mast sleeve made with polyester Absorbs minimal water. Excellent durability.
Sleeve Opener Enables the mast to be inserted with ease.
Extra Large Mast protector Better protection for board and feet.
Cover for Batten Tensioner Better protection for board and feet.
Chafe protection at the foot Less wear on the sail.
Triple pulley block with big wheels Makes trimming the sail effortless.
Roll up strap Elastic to secure the sail in place once it is rolled up.


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Bílá / oranžová, Žlutá / tyrkysová

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