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    The 2018 Quad took a dramatic twist and became our most wave orientated Quad ever. For 2019 our development path for this purebred wave sail saw the Quad go from strength to strength.

    Shorter luff, longer boom, lower clew – these are the main features of the new Quad.

    Each sail size, according to their wind range, has seen individual attention in the development stages – the smaller the sail, the greater the changes.

    With an even slimmer outline in the top, the sail has become much more compact. This has pushed the centre of effort further down, massively improving control whilst jumping, wave riding and throughout all moves.

    Lengthen the boom whilst shortening the luff has allowed us to bring about a huge improvement to control, improving handling whatever the weather.

    The lower clew position has helped to increase sail area above the boom, which in turn reinforces sail twist when the gusts hit, resulting in an uncompromising wind range with only one trim.

    Additionally the revised batten lay-up offers yet more stability and compliments the already outstanding control of the 2019 Quad.

    A powerhouse both in jumping and riding, yet perfectly balanced on-off performance for smooth cutbacks and fluid movements.

    The new Quad offers everything the wave-sailors heart desires.

    Wave from side to onshore

    Color combinations:
    1. white / orang
    2. yellow / cyan

    18,130 20,490 


    18,130 20,490 
  • Curve

    The most powerful curve ever!

    How do you make a powerful sail better. Well with fine tuningwe eventually made the next generation of the Curve range a little softer, resulting in yet even more power. This concept was made possible by a new luff curve that reduced mast deflection. This not only reduces the trim forces, but also improves handling. The new Curve can now be sailed in a more upright position and thus have better control whilst wave riding and throughout manoeuvres. The perfect symbiosis of planing performance and light manoeuvres.

    The Curve also uses our new compact ratio.

    The new out line with a slimmer top and a slightly longer boom has shifted the sail pressure point further down. A dream when it comes to control and manoeuvres. The stability of the pressure point has always been one of the Curve’s greatest strengths, yet we were able to achieve even better balance with some fine adjustments to the profiling of the batten layup. The pressure point sits deeper than ever in the heart of sail and stays there… gusts? What gusts?

    The curve. For both powerful wave riding and as a perfect companion for bump and jump conditions.


    Onshore Wave

    Color combinations:
    1. White / Orange
    2. Yellow / Cyan

    18,910 21,540 


    18,910 21,540 
  • Air

    Freestyle at its best!

    Introduced in 2018 as a new development, the Air has quickly built a large fan base among freestylers.
    Planing, acceleration, speed, ‘duckability’ and control are key performing factors. The Air packs everything a modern freestyle sail demands. And yet the fragility of its lightness is its greatest strength – it is still strong enough for wave sailing.
    For 2019 we now present the future.

    Our development goal was no easy task, we needed to top the outstanding characteristics of the pre-existing Air. Each size of the Air was deconstructed and rebuilt to guarantee the best sail for all the varied conditions it will face.
    Both the vertical and horizontal profile have been intricately optimised. Allowing the rider to enter moves with maximum speed yet maintain control in its most pure form. Control that is further reinforced by a new batten lay-up.

    Within the more nervous 4.0 sail size we have worked on a new and improved outline, including a slimmer top and a marginally longer boom, together with the lower position of the clew the result offers outstanding performance for ultimate high wind freestyle.
    For our lighter riders we have introduced the all new 3.6 Air and for the heavier ones a 5.6 m².
    Of course the 2019 edition of the Air ducks almost entirely by itself. The perfect control of the ducked sail lets you control your first move to absolute precision. Meanwhile incredible lift gives airtime beyond expectations. Finally the quick reaction of the sail has resulted in a product that handles so well it claims double even triple  power move combinations.

    Discipline: Freestyle / FreestyleWave

    Colour combinations:
    Orange / white

    18,990 21,020 


    18,990 21,020 
  • Cross

    Glide – Accelerate –Topspeed

    The Sailloft CROSS has always been among the leaders in national and international tests for many years. Its optimal balanced sail profile has set standards in this sailing group. Powerful planning performance, also in lulls, thanks to the deep profile in and around the boom area. The flatter sail profile above the boom allows more control when overpowered and thereby increases the final speed. Finely tuned Loose Leech allows the Cross to accelerate even more during gusts. It convinces everyone with its incredibly light sailing feeling and impressive handling.
    For 2018 we have again optimised the Cross in fine detail. A fresh design is not everything. We stripped the sail back and refined the sail profile from the ground up, perfectly matching each individual size to the respective wind range. We revised the batten set-up, which positively contributes to the ground-breaking performance of our Freeride sail. All battens are made of lightweight tubes aside from the foot batten, to ensure a stable pressure point for absolute control.
    A reworked mix of materials ensures weight optimisation and makes the 2018 lighter and more balanced than ever before.

    The CROSS 5.5 and 6.0 with 5 battens are the perfect companion for all freemove sessions, even through stronger winds or heavier riders. From 6.5 m², the CROSS with 6 battens becomes an easy-to-control freeride sail with maximum speed potential.

    A pure Freeride feeling. What more do you want. 

    All-In-One – Planing power with top speed and comfortable handling
    All over X-Ply-finish for maximum durability and stability


    Colour combinations:
    1. white /orange
    2. yellow / cyan

    20,230 21,280 


    20,230 21,280 
  • Traction

    TRACTION Power Freeride

    A pure freeride feeling!

    The sailloft TRACTION has already established itself on the windsurfing scene as a prodigy of planing. The new TRACTION 2016 is more powerful and offers improved handling with additional high end control. The new profile design and the revised outline gives the sail more speed with better acceleration and allows for lighter handling.

    The result: a pure freeride feeling!

    The significantly deeper profile, below the boom, enables additonal low-end power and with its Sailloft Mini cams, TRACTION offers a powerful base that ensures the necessary control and stability if overpowered. We reduced the weight successfully by mixing the material in an efficient way without loosing the distinct durability of Sailloft sails.

    A Freeride sail with maximum planing performance and steady controllability in high wind conditions.

    Freeride/Light wind

    Colour combinations:

    1. orange/red
    2. cyan/grey
    21,280 23,120 


    21,280 23,120 
  • Mission

    The Mission 2018 Freerace

    Racing Performance with Freerace Handling

    Our new freerace sail MISSION is essentially the “little” brother of our 2018 ULTIMATE pro racing sail.

    We have implemented all the development stages of our Worldcup Ultimate racing sail into that of our Mission freerace sail.

    The new outline with its sleeker, firmer top ensures more efficient aerodynamics and allows you to accelerate even more in the gusts. The result: maximum speed with full control.

    The sail profile has also been adapted to the latest findings from our race sail development. Deeper profile under the boom for more power, and a lower sail pressure point, allowing a slightly flatter profile in the middle of the sail for more control when overpowered.

    This makes the Mission noticeably faster and easier to handle. You’ll be amazed how comfortably top speed can be achieved with the Mission.

    We also took over the construction of the medium AeroSleeve mast sleeve form our Ultimate race sail development. A larger X-ply content improves the flow and tightens the handling. Of course, we kept the soft rotation of the 2 ProCams.

    You’ll be amazed how easily this sail gets you going and leads to new speed records. Without the knowledge and skills of a pro, you can be at the cutting edge of the fun race or regatta course with the more forgiving MISSON.

    7 battens / 8 battens at 9.3
    Medium AeroSleeve mast sleeve
    2 L-ProCams
    4 mil XPLY for best weight / durability ratio
    Super soft rotation


    Color combination:
    White / orange / red

    22,070 25,530 


    22,070 25,530 

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